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The Titans can win in New England

Don’t stop believing!

NFL: AFC Wild Card-Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs The Tennessean-USA TODAY Sports

Last week I wrote that the Titans could go to Kansas City and beat the Chiefs. It turns out that I was right. The Titans went up there and took advantage of the soft Chiefs run defense. Derrick Henry ran like a feature back, the Titans got a few breaks with some drops and the Travis Kelce injury, and the upset was complete.

So here is my pitch as to why the Titans can go to New England and win. I understand there is another side to the story, but that’s not important right now. Hey, the Airplane clip worked last week.

Like the Chiefs, the Patriots are bad against the run. They rank 30th DVOA. The Titans, for the first time all year, were able to take advantage of a plus match-up for them on the ground. Maybe they have figured something out that will help them do the same thing against the Patriots.

There are also a lot of things swirling around the Patriots that could be distractions right now. Both of their coordinators, OC Josh McDaniels and DC Matt Patricia, spent last week interviewing for head coaching jobs. There are reports out this morning that Patricia is likely to be the next head coach of the New York Giants. McDaniels has interviewed at multiple places. This is not the first time Bill Belichick has had his assistants interviewing, but we do know those guys weren’t working on the Titans last week. That’s a good thing.

There is also the Seth Wickersham article talking about the fracture within the Patriots’ organization. There are some people out there that are saying this is going to bring back “Angry Brady,” but what if it doesn’t? What if it creates more tension and another distraction? Let me be clear, I am not saying that it will. I am just saying that it could.

Did I miss anything? Pitch your reasons why the Titans can win in New England.