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Will Titans-Raiders be on your TV Sunday?

It is pretty cool that the Titans are getting the #1 broadcast team from CBS on Sunday. As you can see above, courtesy of 506 Sports, a lot of the nation will be able to see the Titans game on Sunday. That doesn’t happen very often. The hope, of course, is that the Titans will get more and more attention as they win more and more games. It also doesn’t hurt that Marcus Mariota is the league’s next up and coming star.

We don’t get an early game on FOX here in Middle Tennessee, but here is the map for those of you who aren’t in the mid state:

Most of the country gets Seattle at Green Bay as the late game. That one should be a lot of fun to watch.

Which game, besides the Titans game of course, are you the most excited about watching in week 1? It has to be Seahawks vs. Packers for me.