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The NFL is ridiculous; Richard Sherman and Jack Conklin receive same fine

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Paul Kuharsky tweeted out yesterday that Jack Conklin and Richard Sherman received the same fine amount for their respective actions in last Sunday’s game between the Titans and Seahawks. That is beyond absurd. Sherman delivered a head shot to a quarterback who was already out of bounds. We can’t know for sure what exactly Conklin did, but it didn’t put anyone’s head at risk. But hey, THE NFL REALLY CARES ABOUT HEAD INJURIES!!11

The stuff that Sherman got away with during the game and after is blowing my mind. He shouldn’t have even been in the game when that play happened. He got an unsportsmanlike penalty earlier in the game AND CONTINUED TO BERATE THE OFFICIAL FOR 5 MINUTES AFTER THAT WITH HIS HELMET OFF, yet the official didn’t have the intestinal fortitude to throw him out.

Both players will likely appeal their fines. Hopefully through that process someone in the NFL office will see the light and reduce Conklin’s fine and raise Sherman’s (I know the second part won’t really happen).