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Titans add 4 waived players to injured reserve

NFL: Tennessee Titans at New York Jets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Some players that are injured when they are waived are eligible to be added to injured reserve after they clear waivers. That means the Titans keep those players on the roster without counting against the 53-man limit. This from Terry McCormick:

It is unlikely that any of those guys end up being contributors for the Titans down the road, but it is good to see them get to stay on and rehab after suffering injuries in the preseason. They will most likely be with the Titans again in camp next season.

Joe Bacci played his college ball at Central Michigan. Jimmy State played at MTSU. Akeem Judd is from Ole Miss, and Ryan DiSalvo is from San Jose State. That hit that DiSalvo took against the Chiefs was really nasty.