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Titans players participate in National Baby Safety Month

Tennessee Titans v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

The Titans do a lot of great stuff in the community. I need to do a better job of promoting the stuff they are doing. Maybe we can shift the conversation surrounding the NFL right now to the good that is being done in communities instead of all of the arguing about other things. Huge props to the folks here at SB Nation who chose this as a topic for us to focus on this week!

September is National Baby Safety Month. I didn’t know that which is somewhat surprising considering two of my three boys were born in September. Several Titans players took time earlier this week to visit St. Thomas Rutherford Hospital to promote safe sleep with infants.

“Here at Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital, infant safety is our top focus,” said Angelique Dooley, RNC, nurse manager. “We make it a priority to educate new moms and dads from the time they arrive at the hospital until they are discharged home, including a birthday party in which we actively discuss safe sleep practices, as well as other safety concerns. We are so excited to partner with the Tennessee Titans to bring awareness to our community on safe sleep practices.”

It’s really cool to see players out there doing this on their off day.

The Titans have been involved in several other events like this since the season started. You can read more about them here.