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Titans podcast: Listen to yesterday’s MCM Radio recapping the win over the Seahawks

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday Lambert and I recapped the Titans win over the Seahawks. There was a lot of Richard Sherman talk, including why he wasn’t ejected after the personal foul for the hit on Marcus Mariota (h/t to MCM ref for his help on that rule). You should listen to the show just to hear that so you can talk about it intelligently the next time it comes up.

I am also still soliciting show feedback. I heard from a couple of people on Twitter today that they don’t like how Yellow Ledbetter, the greatest song ever, just cuts off and I start talking. Any other comments you have about the show would be much appreciated.

Thursday night we will be previewing the game against the Texans. My old friend PatDStat from State of the Texans will be joining us to break down the Texans. If you have any questions for Pat, leave them here or hit me up on Twitter and we will try to work them in.