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If the NFL really cared about player safety Richard Sherman would have been ejected yesterday

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Tennessee Titans George Walker IV-USA TODAY Sports

Richard Sherman laid one of the dirtiest hits I have seen in a while on Marcus Mariota yesterday. You can watch the play here and the awesome response from Taylor Lewan...well and really the entire Titans team:

Lewan’s response there is perfect. He gets in Sherman’s face but keeps his hands down at this side the entire time. The worst thing that could have happened there was for an official to throw a flag- which they didn’t. There was no chance of him being ejected.

Back to the hit itself, a player can be ejected for a “flagrant personal foul.” Sherman hits Mariota in the head with his helmet which causes Mariota’s head to bounce off the turf. How is this not a flagrant personal foul? I guarantee you if some no-name defensive back delivered that same hit on Tom Brady he would have been ejected. This is NFL hypocrisy at the highest level.