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Week 3 NFL picks: Ray Lewis picks the Seahawks while we still wonder where the white suit is

So apparently Ray Lewis, Phil Simms and Boomer Esiason are on a TV show together. That seems awful and I have no idea why anyone would want to watch it ever. Well anyway, Simms and Boomer both picked the Titans.

Ray Ray picked the Seahawks. I don’t think there is a football player that I hate more than Lewis. The self-proclaimed “God’s linebacker” still won’t answer one very important questions; “Where’s the white suit?”

Here are my week 3 picks:

Rams over the 49ers

Ravens over the Jaguars

Panthers over the Saints

Vikings over the Buccaneers

Broncos over the Bills

Steelers over the Bears

Dolphins over the Jets

Eagles over the Giants

Falcons over the Lions

Patriots over the Texans

Browns over the Colts

Titans over the Seahawks

Chargers over the Chiefs

Packers over the Bengals

Redskins over the Raiders

Cardinals over the Cowboys

(Photo courtesy of Troy Wood via Facebook)