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Titans Corner LeShaun Sims Returns, But Should Adoree Jackson Start?

Should Sims regain his starting position after only missing one game?

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Tennessee Titans
Adoree breaks up a pass intended for Amari Cooper
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

It was recently announced that starting corner LeShaun Sims will be returning to the line up after missing the season opener against the Raiders last week. One would think he shouldn’t lose his starting job do to one missed game. He played progressively better through out the year last year and has looked good during the pre-season as well.

The problem here is that rookie first round pick Adoree Jackson looked pretty darn good against top notch talent last week as well. He had one questionable pass interference called on him early in the game, but settled down after that. He broke up a number of passes and played tight coverage with out getting beat deep against two of league’s better receivers in Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree. All in all it was good game, and I would venture to say a good confidence builder as well.

So, do you want to dampen that confidence? Ideally you don’t want your first round pick only playing situational downs in the long run. You would think Adoree was drafted to be a starting corner for the team. Sims injury and Adoree’s play week one, just may have accelerated the eventuality of that time line.

With the loss of Allen Robinson, combined with the addition of Leonard Fournette at running back, I would expect the Jacksonville Jaguars to play a lot 2 wide receiver sets this Sunday. That means you are going to have to pick between Sims and Jackson, as I don’t see Logan Ryan coming off the field in either scenario. I wouldn’t be shocked if Sims got a start in order to prove his worth, but it may be best to let Adoree keep riding this wave as well.