FOTUD's 2017 Predictions

Closing in on the start of meaningful Titans football, like many of you, I was itching to see two-tone blue. I took a look at our schedule, and goodness does it get easy later on.

Every year, I've typed up a prediction of the scores of each game on a text document on my computer, and saved it for after the season to see how close I was. I've noticed trends.

The Titans always have one "we suck again" and one "don't stop believing" game per year. The first is where they lose to a team they had no business losing to (This is almost always the Jaguars), and the second is where they nearly beat or beat a team considered to be stronger than them (This is almost always an NFC team).

So for the very first time, I'll be posting my season predictions in public. We'll all be able to see how close, or far, that I was at the end of the year.

Raiders @ Titans | Raiders win by 3. (0-1)

I both overestimated how close we would be able to keep it, and underestimated the defenses. I truly thought this would be a game that lit up the scoreboard. As for why I picked the Raiders... This is the kind of game that the Titans always seem to drop. A strong AFC opponent, with a potent offense, early in the year. The fact we held them to 26 points is a miracle.

Titans @ Jaguars | Titans win by 6. (1-1)

I'm actually torn here. This could very well be our annual "we suck again" game, but I didn't see the Titans shitting the bed against the Jags after a tough loss to the Raiders in my original predictions, so I'm not going to change it now. Outside of their defense, the Jaguars are still really awful. They also lost Allen Robinson for the rest of the season.

Seahawks @ Titans | Seahawks win by 10. (1-2)

This may be our annual "don't stop believing" game, where we either keep it much closer than anticipated or actually win. I say that because Seattle hasn't looked too good in Nashville in the past. However, the Seahawks' defense is still amazing and I can't see us taking this one.

Titans @ Texans | Titans win by 10. (2-2)

This should be the year we sweep the Texans. Their defense has regressed, and their offense is putrid. Thank goodness we're in this division.

Titans @ Dolphins | Titans win by 4. (3-2)

Got a bad secondary? Try our patented Jay Cutler™. They will look good, Guaranteed!

Colts @ Titans | Colts win by 3. (3-3)

I am not going to predict the Titans to beat the Colts. I don't care if the Colts field a team of 10-year-olds. I don't trust the Titans to win against them.

Titans @ Browns | Titans win by 14. (4-3)

The Browns are really a sorry team. They're going to be fishing around in the top five of next year's draft. They should already be talking about mock drafts over on their fan blog.

Ravens @ Titans | Titans win by 4. (5-3)

The Ravens always seem to play really badly in Nashville, even with their fans filling half the stadium. The toll the preseason took on their squad's health won't help their odds here. I'm definitely calling this for the Titans.

Bengals @ Titans | Titans win by 7. (6-3)

Continuing the trend of AFC North teams struggling when coming down south, I'm fairly sure the Bengals will be giving a vote of no-confidence in Marvin Lewis with their performances on the field by this point in the season.

Titans @ Steelers | Titans win by 3. (7-3)

If we somehow manage to sweep the Jaguars, I can see this being our "we suck again" game. If we don't lay that egg, though, the Titans should win this game against the Steelers.

Titans @ Colts | Colts win by 4. (7-4)

Even if Indy didn't field a team against us, I'd predict them to win.

Texans @ Titans | Titans win by 7. (8-4)

Get the brooms! Get those Texans fans filling our stands out of here! We actually swept them! It only took Bill O'Brien completely screwing up their team for us to finally do it, but hey, I won't put the asterisk there if you don't!

Titans @ Cardinals | Cardinals win by 10. (8-5)

The Cardinals may have lost David Johnson, but their defense is still ferocious. Also, when we travel west, we normally drop the first game. This is already a Titans team that seems to be sticking to its same ol' tendencies, so I expect us to lose this one pretty badly.

Titans @ 49ers | Titans win by 14. (9-5)

We will not lose to Brian Hoyer, though.

Rams @ Titans | Titans win by 14. (10-5)

We also won't lose to whatever these guys look like by Week 17.

Jaguars @ Titans | Jaguars win by 4. (10-6)

We will, however, lose the second game against the Jaguars, at home, because Titans gonna Titan.