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WATCH Mike Keith call the Marcus Mariota touchdown run

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Tennessee Titans Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There wasn’t a lot to cheer for in today’s Titans game, but Marcus Mariota did have a nice 10-yard touchdown run on a read option play. The voice of the Titans, Mike Keith, is the best radio play-by-play man in the NFL. Mickey Ryan, who works for Titans Radio and is a co-host of 3HL, was in the Titans Radio booth and captured this on that touchdown run by Mariota:

I love that call. I also love that Dave McGinnis, who is filling in as the color commentator for Frank Wycheck on Titans Radio this season, gives Keith a fist bump as Mariota is running into the end zone.

We all wish we could have seen more of this today, but it is cool to see some behind the scenes stuff from Titans Radio. Here’s to hoping next week brings us four or five “TOUCHDOWN TITANS” calls from Mike Keith in Jacksonville.