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NFL cuts tracker: Tracking the Titans roster cuts

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to NFL roster cut weekend. The Titans, and the rest of the NFL, have until Saturday, September 2nd at 3 PM to cut the roster from 87 to 53. That means more than 1,100 players will hit the waiver wire between now and Saturday.

Good luck to Jon Robinson looking through all those guys to identify some player that can help this team. I would bet he will be looking for a running back that can help in the passing game and a corner to add some depth. The defensive backfield is better than it was last year, but they could use some help there still at this point.

Keep in mind that the Titans will also be compiling a 10-man practice squad on Sunday.

Some reading as we wait for the cuts to be announced:

Lambert’s 3 above and 3 below the cut line

Mike’s 53-man roster prediction

We will keep track of the cuts live as they are announced.

[UPDATE]- So far we have seen Mark Spelman, Manny Abad, Brandon Radcliff, Gio Pascasio, Ryan DiSalvo, Justin Staples and KeVonn Mabon through various outlets.

We also have Joe Bacci, Josue Matias, Jonah Pirsig, Brandon Radcliff, Cameron Robbins, Jake Simonich, Darrius Sims, and Jimmy Staten.