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Report: Big changes coming to Titans flagship station 104.5 The Zone

Toyota Tundra 200 Photo by Jason Smith/Getty Images for NASCAR

J.R. Lind has posted a story today about some big things that are happening at 104.5 The Zone. To start with, Frank Wycheck will no longer be a permanent part of The Wake Up Zone. Instead he will float between all 3 of the local shows on the station, TWZ, The Midday 180 and 3HL.

Blaine Bishop, who has been on 3HL since it started, will be joining Kevin Ingram and Mark Howard on TWZ.

Dawn Davenport, who has been a part of Titans broadcasts on WKRN, will be taking Bishop’s place on 3HL alongside Brent Dougherty and Mickey Ryan.

The Midday 180, the best of the 3 shows in my opinion, will remain the same. I was hoping the announcement would be that they were going to 4 hours.

I will be interested to see what happens with Wycheck here. He already announced that he is taking the year off from Titans Radio. Now he will no longer be a permanent part of his morning show. I really hope everything is OK with him health-wise. I know he has had some struggles with his head because of the concussions he suffered while playing in the NFL.