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Titans New Secondary Gets An Easy Start

Ny Jets shouldn’t be a threat.

NFL: Tennessee Titans-Minicamp Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans are taking off to New York this Saturday in the long awaited first preseason game of the year. The Titans hype train has shot out of the station as Mularkey-Robinson and Associates look to build on last years turn around and fans eagerly await the start of an expected run to the playoffs.

Not so much for the New York Jets.

From what I’ve gathered, Jets’ fans are looking at an all time deplorable season. The team is in shambles and look like they are in “mail it in mode”, while they are rebuilding. They have some good defensive pieces, but their offense is far from being highly touted.

The Titans front office and coaching staff did a marvelous job rebuilding the identity of this team and turning around key personnel groupings last year like the offensive line. As much progress as they made with the team, one of the standout issues still remaining was defensive back, especially at corner.

One off-season later, one of the biggest things to watch for is how the new Titans secondary can hold up against outside competition. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like they are going to get any this Saturday.

It looks like newly acquired Johnathan Cyprien, Logan Ryan, and Adoree’ Jackson (not to mention returning LeShaun Sims and Kevin Byard) are going to have their hands full with a collection of vagabonds, draft picks, and drifters. Quincy Enunwa was the Jets best receiver and had a somewhat breakout year last year totaling 58 receptions and over 800 yards. With Enunwa out, the remaining 5 wide receivers on the Jets depth chart combine for a whopping 75 receptions and 935 yards last year.

As much as fans are hopefully the revamped secondary is much improved, they’ll have to be wary of taking to much from the results of Saturday nights 1st quarter. On the other hand, if Josh McCown or Christian Hackenberg are able to light up Ryan, Jackson and Sims, I’ll meet you at the dumpster with the kerosene.