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Susie Adams Smith selling her 1⁄3 of the Tennessee Titans

An interesting development here

Tennessee Titans Introduce Ken Whisenhunt Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Bloomberg is reporting that Susie Adams Smith is selling her shares of KSA Industries. That includes a variety of businesses that were started by Bud Adams as well as 13 of the Tennessee Titans. If you aren’t familiar with the current Titans ownership structure, here is how it is broken down:

Amy Adams Strunk owns 13 of the team.

Susie Adams Smith owns 13 of the team.

The other 13 of the team is split between Bud’s grandson, Kenneth Adams IV who is very involved in the team, Kenneth’s mom and Kenneth’s brother.

Adams Smith’s husband, Tommy, was the one who originally took control of the team after Bud died. He was responsible for the hire of Ken Whisenhunt. His reign only last a year because he was pretty terrible at it.

Here is what Titans CEO Steve Underwood had to say about the sale (via Bloomberg):

“Amy Strunk before, after and during the sale will remain in full and complete control of Titans operations,” said Steve Underwood, the team’s chief executive officer. “Literally nothing will change about our day-to-day operations.”

It will be interesting to see if Amy Adams Strunk tries to buy this piece of KSA Industries. I have no idea what that company is worth, or if AAS has the means to make something like that happen. This is something to keep an eye on.

Here is the statement from the AAS: