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WATCH: Adoree’ Jackson making plays

The kid is going to be special.

You know what Adoree’ Jackson has? The ability to find the football. That might seem like a no-brainer when talking about NFL cornerbacks, but the Titans seems to have had a long line of corners who really had trouble finding the football.

As exhibit A, I give you Blidi Wreh-Wilson:

The guys on Midday 180 just spent a whole segment talking about all of this.

The funny thing is that people were talking about Jackson being a bust after the first couple of days of camp because they didn’t hear his name often enough. The kid is a freak athlete and has all of the abilities you want in a cornerback.

I will say it again, this is the first full offseason for Jackson in football. He ran track at USC, so he wasn’t involved in spring practice. He is only going to grow from here.

And all of this doesn’t even account for the impact Jackson is going to make as a punt returner. Paul Kuharsky said this morning on the Wake Up Zone that he and Jim Wyatt were talking at practice the other day about how punt returns will be something to watch for this team again. That hasn’t been the case since Pacman Jones left town.