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Projecting the Titans offensive depth chart

NFL: Tennessee Titans-Training Camp Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Sometime today the Titans will be releasing their first depth chart of the 2017 season. The depth chart isn’t official as it is released by the media relations staff and not the coaches, but those people know as much about the team as anyone outside of the coaching staff.

I doubt there will be any big surprises on the first depth chart. Here is what I predict that it will look like. I’m not going to include every single player because there are some guys that just don’t have a shot at making the opening day roster.

Some comments here:

  • I have David Fluellen ahead of Khalfani Muhammad right now because Fluellen seems to be having a better camp. If one of them is going to make the team it will be Muhammad.
  • Corey Davis is at 2nd string right now because of the injury. We don’t know how long he will be out, but every day he misses sets him back a little bit.
  • Tajae Sharpe isn’t listed because he is on PUP.
  • Philip Supernaw is listed as the second starting tight end because he is the guy that will be in their to block on running downs.
  • Yes, Dennis Kelly is listed twice. That’s because he is the back-up at both tackle spots. He might be the backup at both guard spots as well.