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Titans Roster Bubble: Three above, Three below the cut line

Last three in, first three out

NFL: Tennessee Titans-Minicamp Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

With teams about to have to go from 90 to 53 players, Jon Robinson and the staff has a busy weekend ahead of them. They have some really tough choices to make as they shape this roster. The Titans will get one more chance to evaluate their players on Thursday night against the Chiefs.

With cuts looming, here’s a look at my last three in and first three out — March Madness style.

Last Three In

OLB Josh Carraway

This is a really interesting position for the Titans. The top two (Morgan, Orakpo) are locked in, but nobody has really emerged as that 3rd guy. You’d love for that guy to be Kevin Dodd, but his reps in live action have been less than inspiring, despite what Mike Mulakey has said of him in his pressers. They likely aren’t moving on from him just yet though.

I’m not sure if the Titans can keep Carraway, Wallace, Walden and Dodd, but it’s hard to really separate the four. I’ll hang onto all of them for now.

WR Tre McBride

I’ll be honest — I have no clue what the Titans are going to do at the bottom of the receiver depth chart. You’ll see I have Harry Douglas outside of the 53, but that’s more of a reflection of me opting for youth and special teams ability. I do think they keep six with the injury statuses of Eric Decker and Corey Davis. It’s hard to talk me into keeping Douglas or Weems, though.

On Weems, you’re getting a guy that can do everything on special teams, but offers nothing at receiver. I’d rather give that spot to McBride, who can play special teams and has shown some upside at receiver this preseason. I do realize not everyone feels like this, however.

CB Brice McCain

Tough call here on McCain, but I’d put Kalan Reed above him on the 53 man totem pole. The Titans might not be willing to part with their lone veteran corner presence, but he does seem expendable. Perhaps if the right name hits the wire this weekend, McCain could be a casualty. I think the Titans could do better here.

First Three Out

WR Harry Douglas

As I noted above, I’m keeping McBride over Douglas because of age and special teams ability. I won’t be surprised at all if Douglas gets the nod here, however. This staff clearly loves what he brings.

OG Tim Lelito

Lelito was brought in for depth at guard, but Tyler Marz has been seen as the third guard in the past couple of preseason games. That’s not good for a cheap veteran with a rookie draft pick in Corey Levin behind him. Assuming the staff is comfortable with Marz, I think Lelito gets caught in the numbers game. But it’s close.

OT Brad Seaton

The Titans seems to be just fine with Dennis Kelly as their reserve tackle. Kelly has had some rough reps when playing alone on an island at left tackle though. Tyler Marz could also go back outside if needed. This leaves rookie Brad Seaton on the outside looking in. He’s a practice squad candidate for sure, but he’ll have to clear waivers which makes this a tough call.