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Corey Davis injury update: Titans rookie WR to have MRI


Titans coach Mike Mularkey said after practice today that Corey Davis injured his hamstring and will undergo an MRI. My reaction:

Everyone knows about The Curse of the Bambino and The Curse of the Billy Goat (both have been broken). More people should be talking about The Curse of Yancey Thigpen or The Curse of the Titans And The Highly Touted Wide Receiver. I don’t know what the Titans did to start this curse, but it is very, VERY real. The only guys that have ever excelled at WR for this franchise have been guys that came in under the radar, i.e. Derrick Mason, Drew Bennett, Rishard Matthews.

Now, to take a step back for a minute, we don’t know the extent of this injury yet. It could be something very minor that only keeps him out for a couple of days, but with the luck the Titans have had on this front, I don’t have high hopes for a short-term injury. #Prayfor84