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Corey Davis Leaves Practice “Walking Gingerly”

Let’s hope it’s nothing too serious.

NFL: Tennessee Titans-Minicamp Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

This is the worst part of training camp. Camp injuries. They can bite anyone and they typically do every year. Today, it looks like it may have gotten Titans rookie Corey Davis.

Davis has been emerging as a camp star, showing out in one on one drills. He’s been running with the first team in just about every opportunity he’s had the chance to.

His ankle issue forced him to miss all of the on field opportunities during draft season, including his pro day and the NFL Combine. He was eased into on the field work, but apparently tweaked something this morning in practice. Let’s hope it isn’t the ankle again. Or worse — a nagging hammy.

We’ll update this when the news comes down.

UPDATE: It’s indeed a hammy issue for Corey Davis.