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Tennessee Titans News: “You have to be realistic.”

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans News from Jerlindsey

NFL: Tennessee Titans-Minicamp Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Titans News!
The Titans didn’t practice yesterday, but Wyatt still offers up some quick notes from day four of training camp. Day four, in Wyatt’s opinion, was Mariota’s best day of camp. The thing that stood out the most to Jim was Marcus’ movement. Corey Davis also bounced back on day four by making a good number of plays. Davis actually performed Wyatt’s “Play of the Day” when Davis made an impressive touchdown catch.

Quick Hit: How Taylor Lewan turned things around.

I live in St. Louis, and it’s rare Titan games are aired locally here (hoping that changes now that the Rams are hated here (still), and that the Titans are on the up and up), so I listen to the games via radio broadcast. Mike Keith, the voice of the Titans, and Frank Wycheck are the analysts on the show. Next year, however, there will be a slight change. Wycheck is taking a break from the upcoming season, and Dave McGinnis will fill-in for him as color analyst. McGinnis was the linebackers coach and assistant head coach with the Titans from 2004-2011.

Quick Hit: Derrick Henry is ready for his second season in the NFL.

Changes will be happening to the Titans’ uniforms, and Amy Adams-Strunk are saying the changes are “not minor.” Take that however you want. She says it’s not a total color change or anything like that, but thinks everybody will be pleased with the changes. We’ll see, Amy.

Quick Hit: Jack Conklin aims to be even better.

Bonus: Dick LeBeau says he “won’t be doing this forever.”

That’s all for today. Happy reading!