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Corey Davis and Eric Decker return to practice for the Titans

Here are the 2 best football pictures you will see today:

Yep, that’s Corey Davis and Eric Decker back on the field for the Titans today. That is obviously a great sight! It is still unlikely that either will play on Thursday against the Kansas City Chiefs, but this should put them on track to play week one against the Raiders.

The Titans first team offense hasn’t looked good in 2 of the 3 preseason games, HOWEVA, it is important to note that Decker and Davis have not been on the field together at all in the preseason. They will probably be 1 and 2 in catches, yards and touchdowns when the season ends.

As of this writing, Mike Mularkey hasn’t talked to the media. I will update this thread with his comments about these guys being back on the field when they are available.

Yeah, so neither guy is going to play on Thursday but Mularkey is hopeful that they will be available for week 1.