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Colts Vontae Davis has a significant groin injury

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Indianapolis Colts Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The hits just keep coming for the Indianapolis Colts. Andrew Luck still hasn’t practiced. They haven’t ruled him out for week 1 yet, but at this point I would be shocked if he doesn’t start the season on PUP (although they still say otherwise). Then today this news broke:

It has been a long time since the Titans beat the Colts. If they don’t do it this year, I will come to grips with the fact that it just isn’t ever going to happen.

The Colts defense was going to be #bad with Davis out there. With him out, you should be streaming quarterbacks against them every week in your fantasy football league. Their secondary will be Perrish Cox level bad.

The Colts take on the Bengals in week 1. That’s good news for me because I am really overweight on the Cincinnati offense on the fantasy teams that I have drafted so far.

My bad. They play the Bengals in preseason game #4. They play the Rams in week 1.