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Titans preseason week 3 Facebook HOT TAEKS!!!1

Yes, I know it is spelled wrong.

First off, let’s talk about how ugly that game was. Marcus Mariota looked out of sync. He missed a lot of throws high, and there were times where it looked like he wasn’t on the same page as his intended receivers. That’s not really what you want to see in the 3rd preseason game (or ever for that matter).

Adoree Jackson got abused on the Bears first series. They threw at him 4 times and had 4 completions. He had pretty good coverage on a couple of the throws, but the result was still a positive one for the Bears. That doesn’t make him a bust, but it would have been nice to him perform better when he got the opportunity to start. He also made a bad decision to catch a punt at the 3. That was probably a result of him wanting to make a big play after looking so bad in coverage.

However, we have to point out that this game doesn’t actually count. There are somethings from the game that have me a little bit concerned, but at the end of the day the game doesn’t count.

It’s always fun to get on Facebook after a game like this and check out some of the hot takes from fans. Here were a few of my favorite from today (names have been removed to protect the people from endless ridicule):

Yep, let’s get rid of the franchise quarterback because he didn’t look good in a preseason game. How is this guy not the GM??

Always smart to give up on your team before they ever play a game!

This has always been a knock on Henry!

There was one more that I saw where someone was complaining about us cutting Kendall Wright but I can’t find it now. First off, the Titans didn’t cut him. Secondly, that was the best game of his career. He will go back to tripping over the hashmarks when the games actually count.

UPDATE: Here is another gem: