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Titans vs. Bears preview podcast

Carolina Panthers v Tennessee Titans Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Last night Lester Wiltfong from Windy City Gridiron was nice enough to join me for a quick 15 minute podcast about his Chicago Bears. You can listen here. As you would probably expect, we started off with the quarterback question. It seems like they have a legitimate battle going on. Who does Lester think will start? You have to listen to find out!

We will be doing more preview podcasts in season to get familiar with the Titans upcoming opponents.

I am so excited that the 3rd preseason game is almost here. It gives us the best insight into what the team is really going to look like, and it means that there is a short week until the 4th preseason game AND THEN THE GAMES COUNT!!!1

It has been a long offseason, but we are only 2 weeks away from getting to see this team that we all have a lot of high hopes for!