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Titans offensive line ranked 4th in the NFL

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

KC Joyner of ranked all of the offensive lines in the NFL (In$ider). He ranked the Titans line 4th behind the Steelers (coached by Mike Munchak), Bears and Saints. He graded each line on pass blocking, run blocking, stability/consistency, and schedule. The Titans got a B+, A-, A- and B+ respectively.

Here were his comments:

Tennessee made the jump from the worst GBR in 2015 (30.8 percent) to the second best GBR in 2016 (43.7 percent). The Titans were nearly as good in pass blocking, as they ranked fifth in PPM (50.9 percent). They return all five offensive line starters this season so DeMarco Murray should get plenty of assistance in repeating last year's superb fantasy production. The caveat is the Titans ranked 23rd in dropback hit percentage (how often their quarterback was hit by the defense on a dropback) so Marcus Mariota could have more durability problems if this issue isn't resolved.

That last sentence is a little bit surprising. I would be interested to know how much of that is a line issue and how much of that is a Mariota holding onto the ball too long issue. I would put my money on both of those things improving this year.