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Tennessee Titans News: “A total eclipse of the (sun).”

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans News from Jerlindsey

News: 2017 American Solar Eclipse Autumn Allison-USA TODAY Sports

Titans News!
Not sure if you heard, but a solar eclipse occurred yesterday, and the Titans players watched it happen together during practice. Delanie Walker felt the experience was amazing, and that it is a memory he will have for the rest of his life. Williamson also said it was amazing, and it was awesome to see how weird it looked. They blasted “Blinded By The Light” and “Dancing In The Dark” when the moment of totality happened (they should have played Thrice’s “Stare At The Sun”).

Quick Hit: Something on everyone on the Titans win over the Panthers.

The Titans did practice yesterday. They didn’t spend the whole time worshiping the sun. Jim Wyatt breaks down three observations from yesterday’s practice. The return of Tajae Sharpe! Sharpe practiced for the first time since June yesterday, and he said it felt great to be out on the field and making plays. Mularkey was impressed with him, but says he needs to get into football shape. Some injury news. Klug, Matthews, and Murray all returned to the practice field yesterday. Some players (of note) that didn’t practice due to injury: Fowler, Brinkley, Davis, and Decker. The Titans face the Bears on Sunday, and Mularkey expects the team’s starters to play at least a half of the game.

Quick Hit: Six things that stood out during the Panthers game.

Remember Sylvester Williams? The Titans signed the NT during free agency. It was, kind of, assumed Williams would fill in the starting spot left vacant by Al Woodz. Recently, however, Mularkey has been giving high praise to Antwaun Woods, and is also wanting to get undrafted free agent DeAngelo Brown some snaps “high in the rotation.” PK asked Williams what he thought about the other two guys getting all this attention, and Williams said he felt both players were good players, and both of them deserved the recognition they get.

Quick Hit: Wolfe’s report on #TitansEclipseParty2017

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