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Watch every Marcus Mariota play from the Titans preseason game against the Panthers

Nice work by our friend Titans Film Room here:

What a difference a week makes for the Titans. They did a really nice job today of protecting Marcus Mariota, and Mariota made some nice plays. Today was more of what we expected to see from the Titans offense. This graphic tells the story:

It was good to see the offensive line bounce back today. They were the strength of this team last year, and we all expected them to be that again this year. Last week was rough, but most of that wasn’t the first team line.

Last week we preached not to get too low because it was just one preseason game. This week we don’t need to get too high on the team because of this game, but it was really nice to see a performance that looks like what we expected to see.

Next week will be the best gauge as the starters will get the most run of any game in the preseason.