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Marcus Mariota is a great quarterback and a great dude

I saw this Saturday night and meant to do a post about it, but apparently I never got around to it. This was the scene as the Titans left the tunnel to play the Jets on Saturday night:

Our friends at SB Nation did a nice piece on this here.

I like to be able to cheer for guys that are good people off the field. There are a lot of people that don’t care about that as much, but it just feels dirty to me to cheer for a guy like Pacman Jones.

Mariota really is the perfect guy to be the face of the Titans franchise, and that is something that they have been searching for since the early days of Steve McNair and Eddie George. You need a talented guy that does good off the field. I am fully aware of how McNair’s life ended, but he did a lot of good in the community during his time here.