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Tennessee Titans News: Football is back!

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans News from Jerlindsey

NFL: Tennessee Titans at New York Jets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Titans News!
The Titans played football on Saturday! They lost...but football! The Titans faced the Jets in a preseason game out in New York, and “dropped the ball.” Mariota showed he can take a hit though, and also showed he can still move in his limited action on Saturday. Mariota ran and threw the ball, and took a hit when he was sacked by Leonard Williams. Mariota’s stats on Saturday were 2 out of 3 passes for 15 yards, and rushed once for 6 yards. Tanney got absolutely socked though. Meh. #Preseason. (Extra: PK breaks down each player from Saturday).

Quick Hit: Kevin Dodd makes an emotional return to the field.

Mularkey held a press conference yesterday, and Wyatt has six topics from that presser. Initially the game was a “wake up call” for the team, but the film has shown that the defense actually played well (minus that poor start), and the offense was a mix of good and bad. Mularkey touches on Mariota’s performance, gives an update on injuries, talks about rookies that stood out, second year players, and that they are now preparing for the Panthers.

Quick Hit: Mariota befriends an adoring fan.

Bonus Hit: Taywon Taylor shines in first NFL game.

That’s all for today. Happy reading!