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Titans-Jets: Lessons in not overreacting

Let’s put things in perspective.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at New York Jets Dennis Schneidler-USA TODAY Sports

Last night there was a lot of this going around on Twitter:

And this in not necessarily to put our friend Donald here on blast. He was by no means the only one saying things like this, and I’ll be honest, there were times where I agreed with him on the first and third one. I can’t even think about getting on board with the first one considering there wasn’t really any game planning that went into this game. The offensive performance was by no means a reflection on Terry Robiskie’s ability to coach or call plays.

Let’s start off with complete honesty; That game was horrific. Some good things happened, but outside of maybe Jayon Brown, no one had a really good game. Taywan Taylor made a really nice play and showed the big play ability the Titans drafted him for, but he also had a drop on a bad route on a 3rd down play. There weren’t really many more positives.

However, we have to keep in mind a few things:

  1. Marcus Mariota only played 2 series. DeMarco Murray didn’t play. Corey Davis didn’t play. It is impossible to get any kind of read for what they will be able to do in the regular season in that amount of time.
  2. There was no game planning on defense. The Jets were out there running stunts. The Titans didn’t do any of that. Now that doesn’t excuse everything, that wasn’t what I wanted to see from Logan Ryan, but things will be different when the games actually count.
  3. And just in general, this is the first time any of these guys have seen any game action in about 8 months. There is going to be rust involved after the layoff. That’s why they play preseason games.

Last night was disappointing, sure, but let’s not write this team off as one that didn’t deserve the offseason hype just yet.

You can listen to Terry and me breaking down the game on last night’s MCM Radio here.