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Reviewing 3 Players & 3 Predictions: Titans-Jets

How did my players and predictions from this morning do on gameday?

NFL: Tennessee Titans at New York Jets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

This morning I gave three players to watch and three predictions for the Titans-Jets preseason game. I’m all about accountability so I’m here to review how those players and predictions turned out.


1 - Adoree Jackson #25

I felt good about Jackson’s performance on first view. Corners are tough to watch live so I will have to go back and watch his snaps to see if I still feel that way but he didn’t get burned and got some snaps with the 1’s as early as the second series. On special teams he saw a couple punt return opportunities, but didn’t get much room to work on either one. All told it was a solid, but unspectacular preseason debut for Jackson.

2 - Jonathan Krause #17

Krause had a chance to make a big play but failed to hang on to the deep pass from Alex Tanney. He finished with 1 catch for 14 yards.

3 - Jayon Brown #55

Brown was probably the Titans best player tonight. He was all over the field when he was in there and was both tight in coverage and a sure tackler. This was an extremely promising debut for Jayon Brown. He finished with 4 tackles.


1 - Kevin Dodd gets a sack.

Nope. Dodd was pretty quiet for most of the night finishing with just one tackle. I’ll have to go back and watch the film on him to see what he really did, but the sack never came.

2 - Adoree Jackson scores a touchdown.

Nope. Jackson didn’t end up in the endzone, but I think he will be there soon.

3 - We see at least one carry for Taywan Taylor.

Yep. Nailed this one. Taylor finished with one carry for 9 yards getting a look on a reverse late in the 3rd quarter. He is going to get these opportunities all year and I’m excited to see it.

Taylor was also the offensive MVP for the Titans as he went up to haul in a 42 yard catch on a deep ball from Tanney. Good start for the rookie.

So I ended up going 1 for 3 on my predictions and 1 for 3 on my players to watch, but my winners were the two biggest stars of the game for the Titans.

Overall, this was among the most boring games I’ve ever watched, even by preseason standards. Neither team was able to sustain any sort of offense. On a positive note, the Titans managed to come out without any significant injuries — which is the most important part of preseason — and the rookie class looked fantastic.

To stick with the theme of 3’s I’ll give 3 takeaways from tonight’s game.

1- Derrick Henry had a terrible night in pass protection — he was responsible for both of the free rushers that tattooed Tanney in the first half. The offensive line was problematic as well, but Henry didn’t do his part to help. He will need to clean that up if he expects to get more snaps.

2 - Alex Tanney was really bad. He looked lost and his accuracy was all over the place. Frankly, Ferguson looked better when he was in the game. Don’t read that as Ferguson > Tanney, but that shows how bad he was tonight. There is no doubt that the big hits early were affecting him, but still, that was bad.

3 - Aaron Wallace looked really good. He flashed several times both as a pass rusher and a run stopper. He has some heat on him after the addition of Walden, but he responded very well.