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Titans vs. Jets live game updates

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

It's game time baby! Tonight is our first chance to see the 2017 Titans on the field. This team has so much hype surrounding them. I can't wait to see what they are able to do tonight.

If you are new to MCM, we post an open game thread for every game. This is your place to discuss the game with other Titans fans in real time. It is important that you treat each other with respect. We aren't always going to agree, but there is never a reason for things to get personal. Keep it a fun place for all of us to talk about our favorite team.

I won't be in this thread very much, but I will be very active on Twitter. You can follow me @TitansMCM. Lambert will have the recap after the game. He and I will be jumping on MCM Radio shortly after the game as well. You can listen to that live here. I will let everyone know what time it is getting started on Twitter.

So use this thread to discuss the game. Remember that linking to illegal game streams is not allowed.