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WATCH: Corey Davis makes an incredible touchdown catch

This is what you want to see out of the 5th overall pick! Corey Davis gives Marcus Mariota a big target that can get down the field and get the football. You can also see his concentration here.

Davis, by all accounts, had a really good day of practice today. That was really good to see after having a bit of a down day yesterday. Mike Mularkey said he asked the rookie wide receiver on the way off the practice field to grade his day from 1 to 10. While Mularkey didn’t share the number Davis gave him, he did say that it was good Davis was being honest with himself about struggling. Mularkey said it takes that for a guy to grow.

Watch Davis closely on the play. He makes a great adjustment to the ball without using his hands to push the corner out of the way risking an offensive pass interference call. The kid is going to be special.