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Midday 180 interviews long-time Titans D line coach Jim Washburn

You need to listen this.

Last week the Midday 180 interviewed Blake Beddingfield and it was really good. You can listen to that one here. Yesterday that interviewed Jim Washburn and it was fantastic. You can hear that one here. If you ever made it out to Titans training camp while Wash was here, you know that he was very energetic and colorful on the practice squad. He was the same on the radio.

If you can’t listen to the entire interview right now, you can go to Paul Kuharsky’s Twitter timeline to see the highlights, but you really need to listen to the whole thing.

Washburn left here after the 2010 season to be the defensive line coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. He was fired there and went to Detroit for a couple of years to work with Jim Schwartz. He ended his career with the Miami Dolphins.

You need to be listening to the Midday 180. It is the best local show on the radio.