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WATCH a firework go off inside Nissan Stadium

Nashville has one of the biggest fireworks show in the nation. What else would you expect from the newest “it” city? There is no telling how much the show costs between the cost of the fireworks themselves and the people that are in charge of putting it on.

Well sometimes things don’t go entirely as planned. This year a firework went off inside of Nissan Stadium and apparently blew a few seats out. You can watch the video here courtesy of News Channel 5 (fast forward to the 33 minute mark):

Let Freedom Sing Fireworks Show

It's Fireworks time in Nashville! Happy Independence Day from Let Freedom Sing in downtown Nashville. DETAILS:

Posted by on Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Gramsey says those are were his seats. It looks like he will be getting new ones this year!

Things like this always make me wonder who is liable. I don’t know the exact damage to the stadium, but reports are that it messed up some seats and some of the concrete. Somebody has to pay for that and it probably won’t be cheap.

I’m just glad it didn’t hit the picture of Marcus Mariota!