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Wednesday night open thread: Predict the AFC South

Who comes in behind the Titans?

NFL: Tennessee Titans-Minicamp Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

I think it is a pretty safe bet to assume that most people who are regulars around here are going to pick the Titans to win the AFC South. Of course there is some homerism (that’s not a word) there, but it also a perfectly reasonable take that most people (including Vegas) agree with. So the real question here is how do the remaining 3 behind the Titans end up.

I think the Jaguars are going to be 4th again. Blake Bortles is horrific. They have a pretty talented roster outside of Bortles, but he is an anchor that is weighing them down.

The Colts come in 3rd. They have the second best quarterback in the division but the rest of their roster is a lot of trash. They have a good GM now so they will get better, but it is going to take a couple of years.

The Texans end up 2nd again. They still have the QB question, but that defense is really good.

That’s my order. What’s yours?