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MCM remembers Steve McNair

RIP #9.

Steve McNair smiles Photo by Tom Pidgeon/Getty Images

It is crazy to think it has been 8 years since we learned of the death of Steve McNair. I have told the story before, but I will never forget being out on the lake with some friends and checking my phone to see that I had voicemails from my dad, Gramsey and the artist formerly known as August West. I knew it has something to do with the Titans, but had no idea how bad it was.

I remember spending the next week in shock as I watched coverage of the story and the funerals. I am not one to get upset about the deaths of celebrities, but it was different with McNair. He was my first sports hero. I’ll never forget the final drive in the Super Bowl when he converted me to be a fan, or the game against the Giants with the QB draw, or the game when he returned from injury to lead them to a win against the Steelers (we were at a gas station in East Tennessee and friend of mine yells to me, “O’Donnell is hurt. McNair is scurrying (Mike Keith’s word) for his helmet on the sideline).

I also remember all of the good he did in the community here and for his hometown after Katrina hammered the area. It is impossible to ignore the circumstances surrounding his death, but I choose to remember him for the other things.

Feel free to share your favorite McNair memories in the comments.