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Tennessee Titans News: TRAINING CAMP!

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans News from Jerlindsey

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A lot to get to today!

Titans Links!
Training camp has begun! Huzzah! Training camp kicked off on Saturday (can read Wyatt’s quick notes from day one here, and a transcript of Mularkey’s talk with the press on Saturday here), and a face was missing: Corey Davis. Don’t panic though! Davis was signed later that day, and made it to day two of practice which was held yesterday (and apparently he is already making a nice impression). Wyatt breaks down some things that stood out to him on day two. Taywon Taylor is out there making plays, Dodd is off to a nice start, Matthews has looked good, Decker hasn’t dropped a know what? Just read the article.

Quick Hit: Mularkey’s training camp transcript from Sunday.

Fancy yourself a Klug fan? If not, then, what’s wrong with you? Klug was constantly told he would need NINE months of recovery time after having surgery performed on his Achilles tendon last December. Dude had a different timeline in mind though. His plan was to be ready by Training Camp, and that, at the time, was only seven months away.

Quick Hit: Jurrell “Eater of Worlds” Casey signed a contract extension.

The Titans signed two players to their roster on Friday: linebacker Erik Walden, and guard Jake Simonich. To make room they released guard Sebastian “Come on, man” Tretola, and linebacker Johnny Ragin III. John Glennon says that the addition of Walden gives the team depth at pass rusher, and provides insurance on Kevin Dodd. Walden does have a goal in mind though. He wants to be a tone setter on the defense. He wants to set the tone each and every week, and he wants to show the young guys how to be a professional. Let’s just not head butt anyone ok, Walden?

Quick Hit: Eric Decker is ready to make his mark with the Titans.

Jumping back to Corey Davis for a moment. Joe Rexrode says Corey Davis has “that something” that the team needs (IT factor?). Offensive Coordinator Terry Robiskie is excited about the things they can do with Corey, and that he already reminds him of good players that have played the game in the past. Robiskie says Davis just has something that can’t be coached or learned, he just knows how to play the game.

Quick Hit: Top-level intrigue for bottom-of-roster competition.

New guy on the scene, Cameron Wolfe, is saying that the Titans’ success depends on Mariota’s health. Can’t argue with that. Wolfe says Mariota looked dang impressive on his first day of training camp, and Mariota himself was glowing after practice when he said, “You just feel like a little kid going out there and playing ball.”

Quick Hit: Titans suddenly have an “embarrassment of riches” on offense.

Wyatt wrapped up his pre-training camp position series last week, but I didn’t get to it, so I’ll just plug them in here quick. He broke down the safeties first, and then he finished up his series by breaking down the special teams unit.

That’s all for today. Happy reading!