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Corey Davis not being in Titans camp is stupid

It’s time to get a deal done.

NFL: Tennessee Titans-Minicamp Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

We are just a few hours away from the opening of training camp, and Corey Davis still hasn’t signed. I have been telling people not to worry about this for the last month. Now it is time to get a least a little bit concerned- not because Davis’s holdout will last until the season or anything like that, but because he is missing valuable time with Marcus Mariota and his offensive coaches.

And, as Paul Kuharsky pointed out on the radio earlier this week, and yesterday on Twitter, Davis increases his risk of a soft tissue injury by not being here and getting eased into camp like the rest of his teammates. How many times have you seen a guy report late, practice for a couple of days, and then be sidelined for a week or more with a hamstring injury. I am pretty sure it happened to both Derrick Morgan and Kenny Britt.

The thing that is really frustrating at this point is that they are (more than likely) arguing over offset language. If you are familiar with what that means there is a detailed explanation of it here. Basically it’s over the money that is remaining on the rookie contract, a 4-year deal, if the player is cut by the team before the contract is up. The player, Davis in this case, wants to get the money the Titans still owe him while getting paid by another team if he signs somewhere else. The Titans don’t want to have to pay his whole contract if he signs somewhere else (They would be on the hook for the difference between the new deal he signed and the original contract).

The whole thing is stupid to me. Why doesn’t Jon Robinson have enough faith in his evaluation of Corey Davis to believe that there is no way they would cut him before the 4 years is up? Why doesn’t Davis have enough faith in his ability to not worry about being cut before that 4 years is up?

Somebody needs to budge here and make the deal happen. I don’t even care who it is, but this team is primed to make a run in 2017. Not having the #5 overall pick in camp for any length of time over money that probably won’t even be an issue in 4 years is really stupid.