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Titans Training Camp: Mike Mularkey Opening Press Conference Highlights

Tons of nuggets from Mularkey today.

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Titans head coach Mike Mularkey opened training camp with his press conference today, offering plenty of updates on the roster. Here are some of the highlights.

  • “Our guys came back in very very good shape.” Mularkey said that the assessment run was “outstanding.”
  • When asked about the Jurrell Casey extension: “It’s a unique case. A lot of on and off the field things factored into that.” Casey still had two years left on his previous deal.
  • On Corey Davis: “I’m not going to address that until he misses the first day of camp. Every rep is important.”
  • On Marcus Mariota: “He is cleared to go. He’s still going to have some limited reps. We’re going to watch him.”
  • Kevin Dodd is a full go.” “We need him. He knows that. He wants to play, practice and be out there with his teammates. You can’t have enough help at edge rusher and we have some depth there now.”
  • On newest Titan Erik Walden: “He’s (Walden) been a thorn. He’s nasty. He’s a physical player that’s given us problems in the past.”
  • On the now released Sebastian Tretola: “He couldn’t practice with the injury. He made some poor decisions.” Mularkey mentioned that he wasn’t just referencing this last situation.
  • “Tajae has been in here every week. He probably won’t practice tomorrow — he’ll be a PUP decision.” “He’s been very positive and apologetic. He knows he’s made some mistakes.”
  • “Klug could practice if we would let him. That doesn’t surprise anyone.” Mularkey was beaming when speaking about Klug. You can tell he’s a favorite among the staff.
  • When asked about 10-12 win projections, Mularkey called them “nice.” He said that it was nice to be recognized for what they accomplished last year.
  • Matt Cassel could be limited after thumb surgery.”
  • Mulakey said that Eric Decker will work at Z with Rishard Matthews as well as the slot.
  • “No conversation about getting (Kevin Byard) into the centerfield role. Gameplan varies by opponents.”
  • Mularkey mentions Adore Jackson and Harry Douglas as possible punt returners. Mentions Eric Weems as a kick returner.
  • “Both will be busy,” when asked about Henry and Murray.
  • On his general plan of attack: "How many different ways can we come at a defense to attack from all angles? We have more."
  • On the departure of Fasano. “Everyone is going to kind of take over.” Mentioned both Jonnu Smith and Phillip Supernaw.