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Eric Decker talks Titans, Marcus Mariota and his 2017 role

Hear was the veteran had to say.

NFL: New England Patriots at New York Jets Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Eric Decker took to the podium for his first press conference as a member of the Tennessee Titans. Decker, of course started off with high praise for his new quarterback.

“He throws and unbelievable ball,” Decker said of Marcus Mariota. “He’s got this attitude — demeanor about him that you can tell he’s going to have a lot of success in the league.

Decker continued his praise, saying “I love the energy.” The veteran receiver know the Titans have a plan and they’re going to stick to that plan, however. “We’ve got two great running backs. In this league you have to run the football.”

When asked how he’s expected to mesh into the offense, Decker didn’t seem to have a preference. “I pride myself in knowing all positions and being flexible. I just want to win some football games.”

“If you do things consistently right over a long period of time, you’re gonna be successful,” said Decker. Apparently, Decker and the offense have been practicing what they’re preaching. Decker said about 10 of his teammates have already been working with Marcus Mariota. He also mentioned that he wants to see some of the younger receivers blossom, which is an underrated plus to signing the veteran receiver.

Decker mentioned that the Titans being a team on the rise was a big reason he ultimately signed with the team. Eric is going to be a big part of that rise now, at least for this season. The plan appears to be for Corey Davis and Taywan Taylor to emerge later while Decker takes some of the pressure off of them in the immediate — and it sounds like Eric is just fine with that.