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Tennessee Titans News: “I feel great.”

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans News from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
Remember when the Titans traded DGB for Dennis Kelly? Turns out that trade paid off...for the Titans anyway. So-much-so that the Titans decided to give Dennis Kelly a multi-year contract extension. Kelly played in all 16 games last season, and six of those were starts as an extra tight end. The biggest game he stood out in last season was against the Green Bay Packers when he had to fill in at left tackle after Lewan was kicked out of the game. What’s DGB up to? Looking for a job.

Quick Hit: Titans players surprise season ticket holders.

There is a player the Titans haven’t signed to a contract yet. That player is first round draft pick Corey Davis. What’s up with that? Jason Wolf looks at why Corey Davis could be heading toward a holdout (ugh). Training camp begins on Friday, so unless Davis signs a deal super soon, he may be missing the beginning of camp. Davis is represented by the same agency that represents Joey Bosa. Bosa, if you remember, was a hold out until August last season. The problem is the dollar amount, or the length of the deal. No, folks, the problem is our favorite thing ever: “offset language.”

Quick Hit: The Titans aren’t releasing their training camp autograph schedule.

Mariota is ready to play his third season in the NFL. He says he feels great, and that he thinks his body is in good shape, and he can’t wait to get going. He says he will be able to do everything with the team, and that he’s excited about that because he was limited during OTAs. He feels his group of receivers is great, and he thinks adding Decker will help with a veteran presence.

Quick Hit: Breaking down the linebackers.

Jim Wyatt continues breaking down the position groups, and this time he takes a look at the cornerbacks. The team signed Logan Ryan during the offseason, and drafted Adoree’ Jackson in the first round of the draft. The also signed DeMontre Hurst, and said, “Adios,” to Jason McCourty. Valentino “Zilla” Blake wasn’t re-signed, but McCain is still on the team, and Wyatt considers McCain vs “others” to be his battle to watch. Also: keep an eye on LeShaun Sims.

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