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Madden 18 Rookie Ratings Released

What does EA Sports think of Corey Davis and Adoree Jackson?

NFL: Tennessee Titans-Minicamp Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Madden 18 drops on August 25th and ratings leaks are beginning to trickle out starting with the 2017 rookie class. So what does EA Sports think of Jon Robinson’s picks?

Corey Davis: 79 Overall (T-6th)

Adoree Jackson: 74 Overall (T-27th)

The top 5 were Myles Garrett (83), O.J. Howard (82), Jamal Adams (81), Christian McCaffrey (81), and Leonard Fournette (81). This will probably not help quiet the segment of the fan base that still pines for Adams and Howard. After looking at the roster over the last few days it is hard for me to imagine this team being any more promising with those two guys than it is with Davis and Jackson. I won’t really take exception with either of their Madden ratings. Davis is tied with Mike Williams as the best rookie receiver and Jackson is probably a little lower than I would have expected but lots of analysts viewed him as a bit of a project at the NFL level.

EA Sports also released ratings for the top 5 QBs in Madden 18. You can check those out here. Spoiler Alert: Mariota didn’t make the top 5, but I’m going to save my outrage for when we find out he’s somehow rated below Andy Dalton or Joe Flacco (you know its going to happen).

You can find the full ratings for the 1st round picks here. If you’re interested in how they come up with the ratings 538 has a great read on it here.

They are going to be releasing the top 5 players at each position over the next week or two. I’m guessing the Titans with the best shot at cracking the top 5 at their positions are DeMarco Murray, Delanie Walker, Jurrell Casey, and Taylor Lewan. What do you guys think?

UPDATE: After posting this article Jeremy passed along what appears to be the complete set of QB ratings. And, well, they’re even more ridiculous than I thought.

EA Sports wants me to believe that Mariota is the 23rd best QB in the NFL in 2017 behind guys like Andy Dalton, Kirk Cousins, Sam Bradford, Ryan Tannehill, Tyrod Taylor, Joe Flacco, and Alex Smith????? What a sham.