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Titans have the 4th best running back situation in the NFL

Denver Broncos v Tennessee Titans Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Shutdown Corner ranked all 32 running back situations around the NFL, and the Titans came in at #4. Here are the comments:

Very few teams have two starting-quality running backs in their backfield. The Titans are one of those teams. Murray’s bounce-back season was nothing short of incredible considering how far he had fallen in his single season in Philadelphia. But Murray looked like he was back in Dallas, running behind a very good Tennessee line. He was also able to stay fresh thanks to Henry, who really came into his own as his rookie year wore on. How the Titans split carries will be worth keeping an eye on.

The narrative that DeMarco Murray’s bounce-back season was a miracle is funny to me. All you had to do was watch the way he was used by Chip Kelly in Philadelphia to know that the scheme was the problem not Murray.

This really is high praise for the Titans’ backs as they are ranked only behind the Cardinals, Steelers and Cowboys. The Titans actually have better depth at the position than all 3 of those teams, but it is hard to argue Murray (or Derrick Henry) over the starters for those teams.