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Will you watch the MLB All-Star Game?

Your Tuesday night open thread.

MLB: All Star Game-Home Run Derby Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday most of Twitter was making fun of the Home Run Derby. That has become the cool thing to do in recent years, but I have a confession to make, I love the Home Run Derby and the All-Star game. I will watch the majority of the game tonight. Will you watch any of it? If not, and you like baseball, why not? (And while we are on the subject, how awful is that park in Miami?)

I am interested to see if the game changes any now that home field advantage for the World Series isn’t on the line. That was always a terrible idea and I am glad to see it go away. I doubt that it has any affect on how the players view the game because only a handful of them have the chance of playing in the World Series anyway.

On a separate subject, I saw this tweet today and it made me sad:

Not that I would have time to play that anymore, but man I loved that game back in the day.