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Marcus Mariota does full team work!


NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Anaheim Ducks at Nashville Predators Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

It was reported after practice today that Marcus Mariota did some full team work today. Alex Tanney told Paul Kuharsky after practice that it wasn’t part of the pre-practice script:

It has been reported for weeks now that Mariota is ahead of schedule, but Mike Mularkey and company have been saying that he wouldn’t participate in anything but 7 on 7 drill during OTAs.

WELL MIKE MULARKEY IS A LIAR!!!1 And that’s a good thing because it means that they feel good about where Mariota is at this point.

They have also told us that Mariota will not play in the preseason. I bet that also ends up being a lie. Mariota has to be really excited about all of the new weapons that Jon Robinson gave him in the draft. There is no way he sits out the whole preseason and misses the chance to get some reps in with them before the season starts.