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Eric Decker to wear #87 with the Titans

The Titans announced on Twitter last night that Eric Decker will wear #87 this season. That counts as news for this time of year, I guess, but it is somewhat interesting because rookie TE Jonnu Smith was given that number after the draft. Decker has worn 87 throughout his career, so there were probably some backroom negotiations that went on in order for Decker to secure the number he wanted.

Smith will now wear #81. You might remember that Andre Johnson wore 81 in his short stint with the Titans last season. You have to go all the way back to Brandon Jones as the last person to wear the number before AJ.

The most famous person to wear 87 for the Titans is of course Kevin Dyson. You also have guys like Lavelle Hawkins and Tyrone Calico who wore the number. Dyson’s best year was 54/825/7. I predict that Decker beats all of those numbers in 2017. Am I crazy?