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Ranking teams based on players in the NFL top 100

Jon Robinson has this team ranking high on all the offseason lists!

The Titans had 6 players in the top 100. That’s a pretty big deal for a team that had arguably the worst roster in the league just 2 years ago. Levi Damien of Silver and Black Pride, our Oakland Raiders blog, ranked teams based on some different criteria with regards to the amount of players they had in the top 100.

My favorite list, of course, is his first one over there where it just looks at the number of players each team had in the top 100 and their average position. The Titans rank 5th by that metric. They had 6 players on the list with an average ranking of 65.67.

Here is my prediction for next year’s list: Marcus Mariota ends up ranked in the top 10. Bold? Yes, but he has the tools and now the weapons around him to make it happen. The Titans are going to throw the ball more in 2017 than most people expect. All he has to do is stay healthy....