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Tennessee Titans News: Sup, Wednesday?

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans News from Jerlindsey

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Starting off salty today...

Titans News!
How to tell it's the off-season: Corey Levin won the rookie spelling bee. This is news. A GROWN 6'4" 307LB MAN WINNING A SPUR OF THE MOMENT SPELLING BEE IS NEWS! Anyway. Mularkey surprised the draft picks with a spelling bee, and it went pretty long, and Levin won by spelling the team's director of sports medicine last name correctly: "Toriscelli." I wonder if he asked for the definition first? Or maybe the origin of the word? Used in a sentence? Well I guess that last one would be a given.


This is actually kind of cool. Logan Ryan, our sparkling new cornerback, payed off his brother's student debt. Can Logan Ryan be my brother? He surprised his brother with one of those novelty giant checks (you can't cash those by the way) for his birthday. Logan said his brother worked hard, and essentially deserves to be rewarded for his hard work to become an engineer.

Quick Hit: Tennessean article on VUNCE

That's all for today. Happy reading!